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The Institution has inherited its unique legacy from great visionaries and philanthropists such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj and Shri Anandilal Podar; all instrumental in the setting up of The Anandilal Podar Trust. The lineage and inheritance do matter. The fact has been more than illustrated by the Institution which came into being in 1921 as a Brahmcharyashram (an academy patterned on the ancient educational system of India).

unique legacy

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In 1921, Mahatma Gandhiji, ‘ The Father of the Nation’, gave a call to the nation for a donation amounting to Rs. 1 Crore under the banner of ‘Tilak Swaraj Fund’. As he also announced that if the fund would not be not collected in the given time, he would relinquish politics and go to Himalayas. Due to oppressive British Raj, people were afraid of donating money openly. Shri Jamnalal Bajaj approached his friend Shri Anandilal Podar, a noble hearted businessman to take initiative in the interest of the nation. Shri Anandilal Podar readily agreed to make a generous donation of Rs. 2,01,000 to ‘Tilak Swaraj Fund’. He, however, requested Shri Jamnalalji and Pandit Malviyaji if his contribution could be utilized for education in his home town, Nawalgarh, and if a Trust could be formed with Mahatma Gandhiji as the Chairman of the Trust and Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj and he himself as the founder Trustees. Gandhiji agreed to be the Chairman Trustee. It was a matter of the greatest honour and pride for the Trust as Mahatma Gandhi never accepted the trusteeship of any other private trust. Initially the Trust was named ‘The Anandilal Education Society’. The name was changed to ‘The Anandilal Podar Charitable Society’ in 1936 and then to ‘The Anandilal Podar Trust’ in 1999.

In 1930, the Brahmacharya Ashram was converted into a High School. Undoubtedly, the need for modern education was the prime motivation behind the metamorphosis. In 1942, the School was promoted to an Intermediate Institution which became the first Intermediate Institution in Shekhawati region. The real form of the Institution as it stands today, however, came into existence with the start of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree classes in Commerce in 1946 and 1947. Again, we had the honor of becoming first Post Graduate College, rather, first co-educational college in the state of Rajasthan.

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Honor of
becoming first

Post Graduate College, rather, first co-educational college in the state of Rajasthan.


Nawalgarh (Jhunjhunu)

The trust was established as the Anandilal Charitable Society in the year 1921. It was registered under the Rajasthan Public Trust Act, 1959. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation was the first Trustee Chairman.

The other founder trustees are honorable Late Pandit Madan Malviya, Seth Jamanalal Bajaj and Seth Anandilal Podar.

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"What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education."

Mahatma Gandhi

"Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society."

Maria Montessori


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Mahatma Gandhi

First Trustee Chairman

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Second Trustee Chairman

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Anandilal Podar

Founder Chairman



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Raja Ramdeo A. Podar

Chairman (1946-1952)

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Dr. Ramnath A. Podar

Chairman (1952-1989)

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Shri Kantikumar R. Podar

Chairman (Since 1989)

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Shri Rajiv K. Podar

Vice Chairman


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Vision & Mission


To see an India where man and nature can harmoniously co-exist, where equality, justice and understanding are nurtured to evolve rational thinking and compassionate hearts. Our vision believes in a better world and better tomorrow


To provide quality education to the student through holistic value based and progressive education and to produce youth that can make their family, college and nation feel proud of.

Frequently asked questions

Which Sector The Anandilal Podar Trust Support ?

The Anandilal Podar Trust deal in Education Sector Only

Can anyone do funding in our trust?

Yes, It Open for all and anyone can do funding in our trust

Is Trust support accepting the funds from outsiders ?

Yes, We accept donations
Yes, We accept scholarships for students
Yes, We support adoption of students for Education, Boarding, Loadging and Medical

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